Lawsuit Filed Against Tulare and Kern County of California
Lawsuit Filed Against Tulare and Kern County of California

Lawsuit Filed Against Tulare and Kern County of California

Plaintiff, Jamyson Harris filed a lawsuit against Tulare and Kern county in California. Case range 18-cv-00699-LJO-BAM.


Allegations include kidnapping and infant molestation.

In the fall of 1991, Jamyson, along with his brother and sisters have been taken into Tulare county social offerings in Porterville, California. By their mom’s roommates. The roommates falsely accused their mother of abandoning and abusing her children. While their mother become out of city stepping into their new home. While residing in a foster domestic with his sisters. Jamyson alleges he was sexually molested by using their foster mother. Then positioned on heavy psychotropic tablets, kicked out and he had to shuffle from foster domestic to foster home. Until subsequently he became shipped off to another county throughout the state of California.

Both Tulare and Kern county are not denying or challenging what has took place as of yet. Both counties are simply tough the statute of obstacles.

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According to Government Code Section 911.6. Under some instances a past due declare shall be granted. My claim qualifies due to situations 1-3 of the authorities code 911.6.

(b) The board shall grant the software in which one or greater of the subsequent is applicable:

(1) The failure to give the declare turned into thru mistake, inadvertence, wonder or excusable overlook and the general public entity become no longer prejudiced in its protection of the declare by way of the failure to give the claim inside the time laid out in Section 911.2.

(2) The man or woman who sustained the alleged harm, damage or loss become a minor during all of the time specified in Section 911.2 for the presentation of the claim.

(3) The man or woman who sustained the alleged harm, harm or loss became bodily or mentally incapacitated at some stage in all the time specified in Section 911.2 for the presentation of the claim and by cause of such disability did not gift a claim during such time.

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The plaintiff alleges, they had been placed in foster care by way of mistake and overlook. Because their mother’s roommates lied to the county and the county social workers failed to do their process.

“They just went with the lie and compelled us to go along with the lie.” Jamyson stated. “We didn’t realize our 4th and 14th amendment rights have been being violated. We had been simply minors, with no defense and our mother turned into long gone Nobody cared. One aspect desired us long past. The different aspect became getting paid to do it. There turned into no real due technique for our mom. ” Jamyson endured.

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Jamyson, is presently running along with his therapist to gather proof to support condition quantity 3. Jamyson claims he turned into mentally incapable of supplying a declare in time. Because consistent with his therapist the trauma from being abducted, sexually abused and being placed on the medicine. He dissociated himself from what passed off and the damage became so terrible. By the time Jamyson turned into taken off the medicines. His memory changed into so scattered he had absolutely forgotten why he changed into without a doubt in foster care.

What do you think? Do you suspect the statutes of limitations should be lifted? For extra data on this case visit pacer.Gov and look for case no 1:18-cv-00699-LJO-BAM

If you would love to assist. A gofundme account has been set up to assist pay for felony fees.

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