5 Critical Things You Should Know About Florida Workers' Compensation
5 Critical Things You Should Know About Florida Workers' Compensation

5 Critical Things You Should Know About Florida Workers’ Compensation

Florida is a magnet for travelers. It has never-ending seashores, lovely climate, and heaps of points of interest for all ages. So, while the rest of the u . S . A . Seems at Florida as a first rate getaway from the workaday international, us Floridians know that it takes plenty of employees to preserve Florida’s traveler enterprise buzzing along.


Whether you spend your days welcoming visitors as a princess in a magic state or loading tankers at a Florida port, you need to be included if an damage happens. Florida’s workers’ reimbursement laws exist to offer Florida workers that safety. However, it is not always an clean system to get the repayment you want or deserve.

If you had been, or a cherished one turned into, injured at the process, then you must make sure you keep the services of a certified Florida people’ reimbursement attorney to help you. Doolittle & Tucker, P.A. Is a firm that focuses on Florida workers’ compensation instances. Let us assist you get the relaxation you’re entitled to below Florida workers’ repayment law. Call these days at 904.396.1734 to agenda a loose consultation with one among our Doolittle & Tucker criminal specialists. Don’t pass it alone. Let Doolittle & Tucker’s Florida people’ compensation attorneys assist you.

Here are five important records of Florida’s employees’ compensation regulation to help you start your people’ repayment adventure.

FACT 1: Florida Workers’ Compensation Does Not Require a Finding of Fault

Florida regulation calls for maximum employers to offer employees’ reimbursement insurance for their employees. If you are injured, the coverage paid to you serves to replace the wages misplaced through your inability to paintings.

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The quantity you get hold of in advantages depends upon the extent of your harm and how much your ability to work has been curtailed with the aid of the damage. Significantly, an injured employee does no longer want to show that the corporation changed into at fault for the injury. Accordingly, the only evidence wished is that the injury happened in the direction of your job responsibilities.

Virtually all unintended accidents and occupational illnesses happening all through the route of your employment are protected. Note properly, however, that mental or anxious illnesses aren’t normally included except they stem from a physical injury.

FACT 2: You Will Likely Not Get Benefits Equal to Your Regular Wages

Regardless of your wage quantity, below Florida’s workers’ reimbursement law, incapacity compensation is restricted to 100% of the statewide common weekly salary. That means that the most benefit you can acquire is someplace round $863 in step with week. That, however, isn’t quite the end of the tale because disability benefits are paid in percentages based to your incapacity.

In addition to clinical insurance for an harm, three forms of employees’ reimbursement advantages are available:

Temporary general disability (TTD) – The TTD blessings to be had to you’re same to around sixty six% of your everyday salary in most cases

Temporary partial incapacity (TPD) – If you aren’t completely disabled however can’t do the activity which you had been doing prior to the injury, the TPD advantages will pay you eighty% of the distinction among eighty% of your wages earlier than the damage and what you’re currently able to earn.

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Impairment benefits – These advantages pay you for a permanent incapacity that flows out of your injury.

FACT three: You Need To Report Your Injury As Soon As Possible

Typically, you have to report a piece damage in your enterprise within 30 days of the date of harm. With accidents that take a long term to find out (together with lung harm from lengthy-time period exposure to some form of pollutant), you’ve got 30 days from the date of discovery of the injury to record it to your organization.

In addition, inside two years of the date of the damage, or discovery of the injury, you must document a petition for advantages.

Remember, you need to not wait to file an injury for your agency or to the State of Florida. If you do, you may lose the ability to acquire blessings totally, even though you have got a valid work-related damage.

FACT four: You May Need to Wait For Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Kick In

Under Florida law, the date your benefits begin depends on how lengthy your disability remains. If you are disabled for much less than 22 days, then your blessings do now not begin charge till the 8th day of your incapacity. If, however, you’re disabled for longer than 21 days, then you could obtain benefits relationship returned to the first day of your disability.

For TTD and TPD blessings, you’re allowed to receive such benefits for up to 2 years (104 weeks). If you are receiving 80% of your everyday wages because of essential harm, but, the quantity of time you’re allowed to obtain blessings is only 6 months.

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FACT 5: You May Have Limits on Choice of Doctor, and You May Not Have a Job When You Are Ready to head Back to Work

Florida workers’ reimbursement regulation places some restrictive limits on injured employees. First, the people’ reimbursement coverage enterprise your organisation chooses have to authorize your treating medical doctor. So, you could now not be able to visit your normal doctor for scientific treatment below Florida people’ reimbursement regulation. In addition, the State of Florida does now not require your employer to maintain your job open for you even as you are out on disability. Your organisation may accomplish that for you, however it isn’t required to accomplish that.

Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Are In Your Corner

Generally speaking, Florida people’ repayment law is pleasant to agencies, now not personnel. That is why you want a pro Florida employees’ compensation lawyer on your nook, fighting for you. If your benefits are denied, permit the experts at Doolittle & Tucker help you fight for the compensation you deserve in court docket. Our legal professionals at Doolittle & Tucker have years of revel in supporting personnel go up towards the limitations inside the Florida people’ repayment regulation. Let us assist you. Call these days for a free consultation at 904.396.1734.

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